Payroll Deduction Saving

A number of organisations in Fife now offer their staff the facility to make payments to Benarty and Lochgelly Credit Union directly from their pay. This is a great way to save and pain-free way to make loan repayments as the money is deducted from pay before it reaches the member’s bank account.

How does it work?

When you join the credit union you should complete a membership form and a payroll deduction form. We record details from the form and send it on to your payroll department. Every week or month, depending on how you are paid, the payroll department sends us a list of all deductions made and the total payment arrives in our bank a few days later. Once we have received the payment we post amounts directly to member accounts to cover any savings or loans commitments. If you want to change the amount, just complete a Payroll Amendment Form and we will make the necessary changes with your payroll department.

Benarty and Lochgelly Credit Union would like to offer this facility to all employees so if your employer hasn’t signed up yet, why not ask them to contact us and we can arrange to talk through the benefits of this service.

I’m an employer interested in offering this as a staff benefit. What should I do?

Please contact Nadia Mohammed on 01592758596 who will be happy to discuss in detail how the facility works and how to set it up. It is very easy to do, just like any other deduction you may make for subscriptions, charities etc.

We can also arrange to talk to your staff to promote the benefits of saving with the credit union.  This is an excellent benefit to offer your staff, encouraging staff to save regularly while giving them access to free money guidance and budgeting advice.

For more information click here to download the Employer’s Information Pack.

Which organisations already offer payroll deduction to their staff?

  • Fife Council
  • Marine Harvest
  • Paywizard
  • James Donaldson Timber Ltd
  • Fife Gingerbread
  • Home4Good

School Supersaver Clubs

Part of the aim of Credit Unions is to promote a culture of saving and sensible financial planning. Our School Supersavers clubs are designed to kickstart a saving habit and a level of sound financial awareness in primary schoolchildren which will remain with them throughout their lives.

Many primary schools in Central Fife already have successful Credit Union Supersavers clubs which encourage children to save regularly. If you are interested in opening a Credit Union Supersavers club at your school, please don’t hesitate to contact Nadia Mohammed, on 01592 868 800 or e-mail

  • Supersavers clubs are run by volunteers, usually parents, who are given full training and ongoing support (no previous experience is necessary).
  • The volunteer commitment is minimal, with most Supersavers clubs opening only one morning a week for one hour, but the benefits are extensive.
  • Benarty and Lochgelly Credit Union provides all the training and paperwork necessary to run your Supersavers club, all your School needs to provide is an accessible space to use as a “collection point”.
  • Someone from the Credit Union will come along to speak to parents/staff about what’s involved in running the Supersavers club. These sessions are also useful for recruiting volunteers.
  • While Supersavers accounts are exclusive to pupils, you may want to open up the opportunity to parents and staff so they can enjoy all the benefits of membership: accessibility for regular saving, low-cost loans, ethical community involvement, etc.